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Complete Sales & Marketing Management

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Manage and track all your activities in one spot, without the ongoing cost and hassle!

  • Fully-Automated Task Scheduling

  • Complete Outreach Management

  • Sales Conversion Rate Calculator

  • Detailed Performance Monitoring

  • Daily Personal Metrics Tracker


Fully-Automated Task Scheduling

Simply enter your lead contact details, ONCE!

Enter the date connected and all follow-up communications are scheduled based on your preferred interval times, skipping weekends, holidays, and your special dates.

Fully-Automated Activity Tracking

Take the trouble out of

tracking your progress so you can

focus on the important work.

Enter only the total number of

requests sent and likes/comments given,

all other actions are calculated automatically.


Manage Your Prospects Effortlessly

See all of your information in one place.

Drop-down lists to make entering details

as quick and convenient as possible, allowing you to clearly view any and all relevant details without endless scrolling.

Chart Your Data

​Stay on top of your marketing and

identify growth points instantly.

Visual representations of all relevant data charted to show exactly where you're at, and where you will be...

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Take control of your business growth and free yourself to do what you choose

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  •   One-time purchase, lifetime access

  •   Work as you prefer, on or off the cloud

  •   Use your preferred software to access (MS Excel, G Sheets, Zoho...)

  •   Click to buy and receive your tracker via email within 24 hours

  •   Walk-through video and tutorial reference document provided

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  •   Expand your offering and provide the product to your own clients

  •   Your company logo and colour scheme applied

  •   High commissions for referrals and partnership terms available

  •   Additional customisation available at affordable rates

  •   Walk-through video and tutorial reference document provided



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