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"In about a three year period, I’d experienced the miscarriage, the death of my cat, the death of my father, a deteriorating and collapsed relationship, the fall of a project we were financially, emotionally and mentally invested in, legal proceedings instigated by family I’d never met, I’d been hit by a car, lived with high level anxiety and depression and I’d wrestled with the contemplation of suicide.

And although, at times, I definitely felt as though motherhood was a burden, particularly after the relationship ended and I was yearning to rediscover myself, it was also the obligation of motherhood which kept me alive. I had lost any and all resemblance to what or who “me” was by this point. I was someone’s mum and that gave me life for a second time.  

No one tells you that motherhood is an opportunity to heal unresolved trauma, that it consistently calls on you to work on yourself, to soften your edges. They don’t tell you what motherhood really is."

We all have a story. And in our individual stories, we are the main character, the hero, of that tale.

Each of us comes from a blend of our own history and memories. Even if two people experience the same thing, they could have vastly different perspectives. Motherhood is no different.

We each enter into this phase of life, bright-eyed and blissfully naïve. Unaware that the woman we meet on the other side of birth is vastly different from who she used to be. The identity shift can be unsettling to some or devastating to others.

No matter how you experience Motherhood, it's important to honour and understand that each woman's journey is different. Your way is not right or wrong —it's simply yours to own.



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